MACO openLife Sicherheit

Security & quality

Reliable and tamper-proof

In safe hands with MACO openLife

MACO openLife uses the latest security standards, like those found in online banking. Communication is encrypted and protected. You can use a smartphone with a fingerprint sensor or enter your password to open doors remotely – it’s easy, quick and secure.

All openLife components are equipped with electronic and mechanical tamper protection. The cylinder locks, for example, are extremely tamper-proof.

They feature resistant, hardened anti-drilling protection as well as concealed mounting screws.

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The transponder tag contains the most secure RFID chip currently on the market. It ensures the highest level of security thanks to AES encryption. MACO openLife relies on a tried-and-tested system used in high-security areas such as airports, industry and public buildings, and has proven its reliability and high quality during long-term use.

Convenience and security: as security experts and a premium supplier, MACO is your partner for the highest quality and protection at your door.

Sounds good?

Please get in touch with our partners and secure your own personal MACO openLife access system with access code for the online platform.