MACO openLife Anwendung am Strand

Live life with openLife

Open doors flexibly and from afar

As spontaneous as life itself

  • One-time access via remote opening

    Are you expecting a package to be delivered or your trusted tradesperson who needs to make an urgent repair, but you’re at the office or out shopping? Then just have them call you and you can open the door remotely using your smartphone. Your smartphone is your house key for one-time access, e.g. for your neighbour so they can close your window when it starts to rain.

  • Temporary access

    Do you want to welcome guests, friends or relatives who are staying longer or give access to neighbours who are watering the flowers during your two-week holiday? Then give them transponder tags with restricted and time-limited access authorisation. You are always kept up to date on who arrives and when. And your guests can come and go as they please, even if they happen to get stuck in traffic and end up running late.

  • Periodic access

    Don’t have time to wait around for service providers and house keepers? Need more flexibility? Then use the periodic access authorisation to give home help, carers, dog sitters or gardeners access at certain times and avoid distractions at work.

  • Permanent access

    It’s an open house whenever you want it to be. Let your loved ones in and out even if you aren’t at home yourself. This is the unrestricted access authorisation for the owner of the house and their family members.

Sounds good?

Please get in touch with our partners and secure your own personal MACO openLife access system with access code for the online platform.