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Keyless access. Greater convenience.

Individual security for everyone

MACO openLife – transform your door into a smart entry system

Want to give family, friends and visitors, care services or tradespeople free, flexible and independent yet controlled access to your house? Then you need MACO openLife.

MACO openLife opens doors electronically whenever and as often as you like. Even when you’re not at home.

It’s perfect for apartments, privately owned homes, shops, businesses, clubs, medical practices and much more.

You control who has access to your property any time and can keep an eye on all the comings and goings.

You can open the door conveniently via transponder tag or smartphone, so you’ll never need to fumble around for the key hole or worry about forgotten keys again.

Flexible and secure entry

It’s easy thanks to smartphone or transponder tag instead of a key

Control who comes and goes and when! Keep an eye on the people passing through your door at all times, even if you’re a world away.

Open doors flexibly and from afar

Spontaneity is the spice of life

You’re sitting in your office. Suddenly your child calls to tell you they’ve lost their key. What now? You simply open the door from your office using the mobile phone app – in real time.

Minimal installation

Maximum reliability

MACO openLife is fast to install and only requires a webbrowser and an app.

Reliable and tamper-proof

In safe hands with openLife

MACO openLife uses the latest security standards, like those found in online banking. Communication is encrypted and protected.


For basic installation on one door, an IQ, a cylinder lock and the MACO transponder tags are required.

Sounds good?

Please get in touch with our partners and secure your own personal MACO openLife access system with access code for the online platform.